Fields of Law

Here you will find an overview of the fields of law our attorneys practice.

Our Specializations

Criminal Defense

We provide vigorous representation in all courts and for all matters. We will make sure that all of your rights are fully protected and will use all of our skills and abilities obtain the best possible result.


Personal Injury 

In today's climate one thing is clear--insurers want to get away with paying you as little as possible, if anything at all. We are experienced and successful in the analysis and presentation of personal injury claims and have a good track record of getting the top dollar for our clients.


Civil Litigation

Our firm has significant experience in various aspects of civil litigation including class actions, business disputes and all forms of commercial litigation.  We have litigated larger collection matters and have gained judgments as high as 1.4 million dollars. We recognize that a significant factor in these matters can be the cost of litigation compared to the likelihood of recovery and work closely with our clients to stay aware of and maintain control of legal costs.


Family Law

Some of the most difficult and emotionally charged legal matters are in this area-from custody disputes to divorce proceedings, particularly where children are involved.  We will guide you through these issues and will be sensitive to all of your concerns, while working to secure the best and fairest outcome.  A vital part of this area of the law is knowing when to fight and when not to, and we are skilled and experienced in the tactics and strategies inherent to those decisions.


Landlord/Tenant Law

Our firm has extensive experience representing both landlord and tenants in every aspect of this area of law.  We consistently obtain fair and equitible results through summary process actions, in both housing and district courts across the Commonwealth.  Most landlords and tenants do not know fully understand the rights afforded to them under the laws of Massachusetts, and it is invaluable to have the advice and counsel of a qualified attorney when dealing with any landlord/tenant dispute.


Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning 

Our law firm can assist you in the management of your real and personal property. We handle various types of real estate acquisitions and will also help you to draft and probate an Estate Plan. We will do our best to help you easily and efficiently handle your needs regarding your property.


Real Estate

We have handled residential and commercial transactions small and large, from single family house closings to 400-500 unit condominium buildings.


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