Personal Injury/Civil Litigation

Personal Injury Law is the name given to the area of law that covers any wrong or damage done to another person, his property, rights, or reputation. Personal injury law is often also referred to as tort law or as Civil Litigation, because the cases are handled in civil court rather than criminal court. A few examples include medical malpractice claims, car accident claims, defamation or libel claims, landlord/tenant disputes, intentional tort claims, negligence claims, and premises liability claims.


Generally, a plaintiff in a personal injury claim must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that a legal duty existed, that legal duty was breached, and the breach of that duty was the actual and proximate cause of harm. A plaintiff who is successful at making a personal injury claim is most likely entitled to damages.  Damages may include compensation for past and future medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, attorney’s fees, and other factors. A majority personal injury claims settle out of court with the aid of attorney negotiations and alternative dispute resolution practices. However if an out of court settlement does not occur, the case may be litigated in court, where a judge or jury will decide first as to fault and then on the amount of damages if any.


Our Personal Injury/Civil Litigation Practice includes:

                Intentional Torts


                Wrongful Death

                Catastrophic Injury

                Automobile Accidents and Injuries

                Automobile Negligence

                Commercial Vehicle and Truck Accidents

                Motorcycle Accidents

                Bicycle Accidents

                Pedestrian Accidents

                Contract Formation

                Contract Liability

                Security Negligence

                Dog Bites

                Slip and Fall

                Bodily Injury

                Brain Injury

                Head Injuries

                Medical Malpractice

                Gynecological Malpractice

                Psychiatrist malpractice

                Construction Accidents / Death

                Mental Health Professional Malpractice

                Pharmaceutical Liability

                Liquor Liability

                Premises Liability

                Hotel Premises Negligence

                Products liability

                Consumer Protection – 93a claims

                Automobile defects

                Product defect and product failure

                Civil Rights Violations

                Police Misconduct

                Municipal Liability

                Employment Discrimination

                Sexual Abuse

                Sexual Discrimination

                Sexual Harassment

                Labor and Employment Law

                Land/Lord Tenant Disputes

Any other harm to your person, property, rights or reputation.

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